Interview Project

We talked with René Mertens about LSVD, All-Gender Restrooms and CO-WC. Coming soon!

Café Goldfries is a café with an „authentic“ charm, popular among families, students, musicians, and bikers. Don’t miss out their world famous cinnamon buns, you’ll love them!

"ocelot, not just another bookstore" - the name says it all. It is famous not only for a great assortment of books, but also for a relaxing lounge area where you can enjoy coffees and drinks while reading. Oh, don’t miss out their fabulous events, you might be able to see one of literary stars of our time!

Eisenherz is a historical, visionary bookstore for queers and all. Since it first opened in 1978, it's been an amazing meet-up place for book lovers and creative people. Just stop by and enjoy their great selection of books and events.

Sharehaus Refugio is an intercultural sharehouse organized by Berliner Stadtmission. About 40 people from all over the world are living peacefully together at the moment. Visit their café(all-year) and a rooftop lounge(seasonal), and feel the harmonious, colorful lifestyle. Lots of events and parties are being held every week. Check them out!

Gong Gan is a vintage café located in Prenzlauer Berg. If you’d like a famous Korean style shaved ice, this is definitely the place to be. Great nostalgic atmosphere is guaranteed, love!

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