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At first glance, Cafe μ looks like a cozy neighborhood café. But you‘ll be soon amused by their fantastic coffee varieties and lovely treats! An ideal place to relax and to enjoy. You have to try it!

Day and night - Kapitalist is totally twofaced. You can enjoy a tasty coffee during the day, and sip a gorgeous cocktail at night. Good music and nice people are always around. Drop by!

If you’re tired with working alone at home, try out this awesome work place. Plenty of workshops and exciting events are going on all year round. This is an ideal place to build a network and create something new!

Located in the trendy Kiez Friedrichshain, Ponyclub is an absolutely gorgeous place to be, especially when you need a stylish haircut. Try out the hottest hairdos in Berlin!

Kaffee 9 is, what can we say more about it, one of the most beloved cafes in Berlin. Try Their freshly roasted coffee beans, and you’ll see what they’re famous for. Plus their wine & beer selection is never boring. Must try for tourists and locals!

Kaschk coffee, craft beer and shuffleboard - that's Kaschk. Centrally located, Kashk offers quality drinks in an amazing atmosphere. Wanna try something different? Just drop by!

Galerie Salon Halit is a versatile cultural institution. Eye-catching exhibitions, art events with culinary or musical accompaniment, workshops are going on all year around. The gallery owner also offers art classes. Fantastic!

Aprilkind is a cozy coffee House in a stylish setting, in the heart of Friedrichshain. From a cold & warm breakfast to an afternoon coffee/tea, every menu is mega delicious. Absolutely worth a visit!

Stylish café in Friedrichshain with delicious coffee and excellent menus.

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